Here are the most common questions we are asked:

Traditional or self-publishing?

The choice is the author’s decision and we are here to help with either. We offer traditional publishing or a range of services to assist with self-publishing.

How do I get my book published by Whisper Publishing?

That’s easy! Read our submission guidelines and follow the instructions.

Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts? 


How long does it take to publish a book?

The length of time between submission and publication depends primarily on:

  • The date the manuscript was submitted
  • How long the review stage takes
  • The amount of work required to bring the work to publishing standard

Does it cost me anything to get my book published?

We do not charge for the publishing process, however, devoting some time and effort into promoting and marketing your book is advisable. Whilst not guaranteed, being proactive could mean more chance of success.

Do I need an agent?

No. Here at Whisper Publishing, we work with our authors directly, however, if you have a literary agent, that’s fine with us.

Who holds the copyright?

Our authors retain the copyright of their work.

How do I know if you have received my submission?

You will receive an email confirmation from one of our team.

When will you get back to me following receipt of my submission?

Once we have a submission, we aim to assess within eight weeks, however, this is flexible based on the number of submissions we have for review. Please be patient if you don’t hear from us within that time. We will get back to you with our decision once a review has taken place.

If you like my book what will happen?

We publish only a select number of manuscripts each year. If your manuscript is chosen from a shortlist, a member of the Whisper team will contact you to go through the process including the necessary stages of editing and proofreading, book cover design, and promotion/marketing strategy. We work with our authors to ensure they are happy with any proposals put forward. Once all is settled, we issue a Publishing Agreement.

Are there any genres you don’t accept?

Yes. Please see our submission guidelines for further details.

What royalties will I earn? 

We apply an extremely competitive royalty structure and are one of a handful of publishers offering a bigger percentage to the author:

  • Digital copies – you will receive 55%
  • Printed copies – you will receive 35%
  • TV/film rights – you will receive 90%

How do I request a review copy?

To request a review copy please contact us at whisperpublishing@gmail.com